The Internal Quality Assurance Cell is one of the prime committees of the institution which governs almost all the areas related to the quality improvement and assurance in the institution. Though the Principal is at the helm of all the affairs of the institution yet one of the senior most teachers of the institution is entrusted with the duty to guide its functioning. The cell consists of the teachers from almost all the departments of the college. Some members are from the alumni association and from the student council. Its structure is designed in such a manner that some members of the society also finds place in the cell. The Co-ordinator of IQAC can be only a senior teacher of the college and only for the two consecutive academic sessions. The IQAC conducts at least two meetings every year. The meetings decide the agenda or goals before the institution to improve its quality in various areas. The minutes of the meetings are decided and after the meetings the resolutions are adopted and also the ways of their implementation is discussed.

The IQAC has indeed contributed significantly in institutionalizing the quality assurance strategies and processes. The two practices institutionalized as a result of IQAC initiatives are:

1. Use of ICT from the year 2017-18 in some departments and from 2021-22 in all science departments. The need of the time is reach of the students to the innumerable learning resources of national and international level. The world level enhancement of skills, knowledge etc. in the students community is only possible by making the e resources available, bringing these by the skilled teachers through ICT. The teachers use Projector and screen for communication of information’s, prepare soft copy of the topics with the help of PPT, various national and international materials of importance are also included and a broader approach is thus given to the class room teaching.

2. Introduction of New Courses- The IQAC had proposed introduction of BSc CS which was implemented from academic session 2018-19. There was a high demand for introducing Bio , Science, Math’s, Computer and also increase in seats of Science stream in UG which has now been introduced from academic session 2021-22.

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