Non Govt. Body Janbhagidari Committee

Finance is like fuel to run any institution Govt. Vedram college Malkharoda managed the financial resources from to head: 1. State govt. budget 2. Student Fees again the student’s fees is divide into two parts Janbhagidari and other fees. Sometimes we also receive donations from our Janbhagidari Committee members in this way our institution is financially reach. Accordingly we try our best to use the received money for the welfare of the students. The institution appoint faculty in Sociology and Hindi as well as computer operator from Janbhagidari Samiti. The institution also use the development fund for  furniture, laboratory ,ICT, CCTV camera, Electricity, Games and Sports, identity card , Cycle stand etc. the institution mobilize the resources according to the provision lad by government, It has its own purchase committee in also internal audit cell to verify the Cashbooks. Stock register has are maintained properly. Private CA has been appointed for social auditing. Periodically financial audit of the institution has been a practice. In 2016 the institution had its last audit. Due to corona crises the institution could not invite the auditorial team and the process is under progress.

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