Best Practice "Aamabadi"

Green Campus “Aamabari ’’

Objective: Govt. Vedram college Malkharoda is situated in a remote, rural area with a huge campus of around 12 acres. But unfortunately there is no tree, on herbs around the college campus. Even the soil is very hard and not very fertile, pebble rockey ground neglects the growth of any shady Trees, Hence the atmosphere here. Seems not so friendly. But inspite of all such hurdles, the institution with the motto of a clean and green campus, planned for an “Aamabari’’ besides the college building in 2018.

The main objective of this project in the beginning was to create a Green and pollution free campus. But within a span of only four year, it has become a mile stone in the history of this college. The “Aamabari’’ today is a landmark for voluntary services by the students themselves. At present there are 3 acre of land with a strong fencing having more than 150 mango trees and mixing with Sehtut, Guava, Imli, Banyan tree, Pippal, Munga, and papaya etc. The most interesting fact associated with its fencing is purely handmade cement bars made by the students voluntarily in the college without any financial help or support. They visited a nearby village ‘Charpara’ and learn the bar making in a lowest cost. The students learn by doing and prepare projects for future. They are self motivated and took the challenges as a long term investment programme for future 10 years. They co-relate the forming with Bio-diversity, Azzola farming, mushroom cultivation, Beekeeping compost making and other innovative carrier options. It is the greatest achievement of our institution. It has became a source of knowledge not only for education and awareness but also contributed to employment.


With the help of the teachers of the institution, students clean the garden, provide compost and also help in watering the plants. Students tried to culture and also plant different types of herbs. The process of grafting is also marked .The students and teachers try their best for Garbage management, cleanliness and safeguard of trees from domestic animals. The ‘Aamabari ‘is supported by a gardener recently and a campaign has been started for a plastic free zone.

Evidence of success:

Actually it is the NSS wing of our colleges which motivates the students for such a beautiful and pleasurable mission. In last 4years, countless projects have been prepared and presented by students on mushroom cultivation azzola farming, Nursery making ,Bosai, grafting ,solar energy ,wind energy ,water harvesting etc. in last two years the students of this institution with collaboration of previous students have formed an NGO, registered  as “Hariyar Bhuiyan “.Last year’s approx 20 students of the college prepared Nurshary in their residence and distributed 10,000 munga plants to the formers of the locality . This year some students prepared Kaju nursery and distributed among the formers, again the point to be highlighted is Girls are more active than boys in all such activities.

Problems encountered and resources required:

The major problem of ‘Amabadi’ is absence of a permanent boundary wall. Secondly finals is essential no budget is there to promote such practices.

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